Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Cat Sketch

Here is a colored thumbnail for my next project. I did it fairly quickly in Photoshop over my little thumbnail drawing in my sketchbook. I'm real excited about working on this one. I'm really keen on expanding my color range as far as exploring temperature, color relationships, and indulging in the use of light.

It's really past due for me to thank everyone that is always willing to give me feedback, as well as help out with posing, props and everything else. Thank You!

More progress from this project to come. Please stay tuned!


Jacob Sanders said...

I never asked if you were painting traditionally for this one? Might a be a pain.

Jake Martin said...

Yeah, I am. It's gonna be a challenge, but I just need to plan it out really well. My airbrush is going to get a work out as well.