Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here is a pencil rough for an illustration featuring Spider-Man and Venom. Some revisions have been made but I figured I would post this up before anything else. Color studies and the final art coming soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

First Freelance Project

A little while back a good friend and valued teacher gave me a great opportunity: my first freelance illustration job. I was really excited about the project and to experience some of the industry.

I'll post some more in depth details along with the final art in a bit, but I'd like to post the final pencils and a WIP here first.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bigby WIP....kind of

The painting part of this is done, now on to the effects! This can be super fun to do but it's also a little labor intensive (cutting frisket masks can take a while.)

So a while back I realized my airbrush compressor was putting out about 1 PSI, not even enough to get airflow, therefore I have been without one for a while. With that said, and while waiting for my new one to arrive, I've done the airbrushing on this piece in Photoshop.

Originally I was thinking of having a more suggestive smoke pattern, which I may still implement into the art when my compressor arrives, however, this is an ok placeholder until then.

Gouache on Watercolor Board (with photoshop)
10.125 x 15.325

As soon as I can, I'll get the real airbrushing done and scan and upload this painting.

Color, and other things

Finishing up some paintings, starting new ones, and I'm getting pretty excited about a direction I'm pursuing.

Also, I'm feeling more and more of a draw towards expanding my knowledge and application of color. This may sound ridiculously obvious, "who wouldn't, as an artist, want to continually be doing that?" you might be asking. I guess it's more than I was looking at a few artist, 1 in particular, and some switches went off and a few things just started making more sense. As my great and ever helpful life drawing teacher Lou Ann Burkhardt has have an "a-HA" moment. They are always very inspiring and fill me with motivation.

I have a couple monster projects I'm going to complete over the summer and I hope to be able to post the progress and finish of each of them here.

Also, my website is finally up and running. This is one of the major projects I want to finish this summer, I have a big vision for it and I hope it turns out, but for now: is there for your viewing! I also have a link up on the sidebar.

Until next time...

PS: Also check out my good friends' websites on my sidebar!