Sunday, April 3, 2011

Color, and other things

Finishing up some paintings, starting new ones, and I'm getting pretty excited about a direction I'm pursuing.

Also, I'm feeling more and more of a draw towards expanding my knowledge and application of color. This may sound ridiculously obvious, "who wouldn't, as an artist, want to continually be doing that?" you might be asking. I guess it's more than I was looking at a few artist, 1 in particular, and some switches went off and a few things just started making more sense. As my great and ever helpful life drawing teacher Lou Ann Burkhardt has have an "a-HA" moment. They are always very inspiring and fill me with motivation.

I have a couple monster projects I'm going to complete over the summer and I hope to be able to post the progress and finish of each of them here.

Also, my website is finally up and running. This is one of the major projects I want to finish this summer, I have a big vision for it and I hope it turns out, but for now: is there for your viewing! I also have a link up on the sidebar.

Until next time...

PS: Also check out my good friends' websites on my sidebar!

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