Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bigby WIP....kind of

The painting part of this is done, now on to the effects! This can be super fun to do but it's also a little labor intensive (cutting frisket masks can take a while.)

So a while back I realized my airbrush compressor was putting out about 1 PSI, not even enough to get airflow, therefore I have been without one for a while. With that said, and while waiting for my new one to arrive, I've done the airbrushing on this piece in Photoshop.

Originally I was thinking of having a more suggestive smoke pattern, which I may still implement into the art when my compressor arrives, however, this is an ok placeholder until then.

Gouache on Watercolor Board (with photoshop)
10.125 x 15.325

As soon as I can, I'll get the real airbrushing done and scan and upload this painting.


Lucas1000 said...

Wow! Nice clean up job! This looks a hundred times better. nice job dude!

Jake Martin said...

Hey thanks very much. I agree it looks better than when it had the white (and that terrible smoke)