Saturday, April 17, 2010

Current Project Glimpse

This is a lightpost poster design for C2E2 for an Art Direction class. It will be paired with a piece from another student. We both render/finish our own pieces and also our partners. It should be a good piece

These are my final pencils as well as my color study.

My painting will be placed on the right hand side and my partner's on the left. Mine consists of the "real" superheroes, and alongside them will be the regular joes who dress up as them for conventions. I'm attempting to do more superhero work in the hopes of getting a booth at comic conventions this/next year.


Jenny Brew said...

Jake, this is amazing. I hope that this happens for you. It would be amazing to set up a booth at comic conventions! I miss you. XOXOXO

Jenny Brew said...

Jake, I hope that this comic convention idea works out for you. It sounds like a lot of fun. I miss you. XOXOXOXO

Love always,