Friday, October 24, 2008

Watercolor Still Life

So for this painting, I really liked the objects themselves, and definitely wanted one of the plastic baby dolls in my painting. I chose this set up for it's variety of shapes, reflective quality, and contrast.

Obviously I used my imagination a little bit when it came to the doll. I wanted to practice using aura's and light sources, but only from memory, and adapting these effects into an already well lit scenario. I also wanted to experiment with opaque white gouache as a light effect, as if the doll's eyes were pulsing with light. I used my paintbrush as a straight line to estimate how those light tracers would bend on the round and reflective objects, and tried to establish those imagined reflections in a believable way.

Gouache on Arches paper. Approximate 12x20 live area.

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